We had an outstanding September. While fearing for the arrival of the eternal winter rain, I found myself stepping out of my door every morning into a cold as bright and crispy as the golden leaves on the ground of Fairview Crescent. Watching the bright blue sky above me while studying in the faculty building wasn’t the best experience to be fair (who invented glass ceilings?), but the great weather did provide me with ample opportunity to explore BC.

Weekend trips back home were always accompanied by study books and loads of stress, but I found that the fact that I’m not working three jobs here to support my weekly beer has made me, ironically enough, more mature and better in planning. Who could have known I could finish assignments days before the due date?

This inner rest led to the fact that I didn’t hesitate a second when an old friend from back home sent me a message: he had been living in a campervan around Whistler and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) for a while and he invited me over for some beers, campfires and hiking. It was fantastic to get out of the city for a bit: it’s weird to be living somewhere for weeks without even leaving the place.  We climbed the Stawamus Chief and I finally lived my young girl’s dream: living in a campervan, even though it was just for a night.

With Thanksgiving I went to Vancouver island with a couple of friends. We had some trouble getting to our destination at first (hint: never, NEVER rent a car with Enterprise), but the short time we had in the cottage at Honeymoon Bay was wonderful. Autumn seems to be a thousand times more intense here than home: not only regarding rainfall, but also the colours of the trees, that make me feel like I’ve ended up in a Disney movie.

The rains have started now, unfortunately. I try to make up for it with a lot of hot chocolate and study sessions at the cute little coffee place next to my house (sorry, wallet). In a couple of days I will have been in Canada for two full months. When I think of The Hague or the warm summer I spent in the Caribbean it feels like a lifetime. Yes, I do miss home occasionally- especially the people. However, now I’ve had my midterms an uncomfortable feeling is starting to creep upon me as well: I am so not ready to go home yet!

Meanwhile, I’m also worrying about what is up next. Although it might not feel like it yet, I will be done with my Bachelor’s degree this summer and I will need a plan for the next year. Do I want to take the gap year I always wanted, even though I’m so stoked to start my Master’s degree? And when I do head off to uni eventually, am I really going abroad again (hey, Sweden has no tuition fees!) or should I find a study closer to home?

Anyhow, tonight I’m just going to worry about the best spot for my Jack-o’-lantern and the quality of my Ziggy Stardust face paint. Halloween is coming! Next on my exploration bucketlist are Seattle and Jasper- I’ll keep you up to date! Also, if you’ve successfully made it to the end of this post and you like to see more of Canada, check out the video I made!



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